The Deal

the following are some basic terms we try and apply to each deal.
Remember, each location is its own deal, and the terms may be unique.

• We sell an average of 20 - 30% of each location to capital partners.
• We distribute 70% of profits towards Capital Partners until the principal is recouped.
• EACH Deal is location specific, And lives on for the life of the restaurant. We target 10 year leases, and petition to renew when possible.

An Example:

A location in Midtown Manhattan with a 10 year leases raises $600k and opens


  • Year One: $2.3M in Revenue & 20% operating profit. 70% of PROFITS ($322,000) Go to Capital Partners.

  • Year two: $2.4M in Revenue & 23% operating profit. 70% of the Profit on the first 1.73M in Revenue go to capital partners. Capital partners have recouped the principal investment, and the distribution percentages flip. 30% of the remaining 670,000 is distributed to Capital Partners.

  • year three and on: $2.4M in Revenue 24% operating profit. 30% of Profits are distributed for the life of the restaurant.

Initial Commitment: $600k
Return over 10 years: $2.1M
Investment PROFIT: $1.5M